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10/2001 Prototype 2 (Outer rotor / 2001)
Approximately 70% of all electric power is useful force power such as PC, automobiles, air conditioning. Power motor is very useful in manufacturing plants and so forth.
Genesis's Super Motor will be able to save power substantial. Here, we have Super Motor to revolutionize power conception in the whole world.

This is a prototype of Super Motor. And is cannibalized as a stepping motor.
Now, let us compare Super Motor to motor without a permanent magnet other conventional motor.

1. Compare the rotation speed
There is 230 rpm for conventional motor with 0.3 A. On the other hand, there is 300 rpm for Super Motor with the same ampere.

2. Compare the torque
A conventional motor get 3 kg f cm torque with 600 g loads. The rotation speed is 70 rpm. Now try Super Motor given 2,400 g loads. Super Motor keeps 70 rpm and get 12 kg f cm torque. Here you see our Super Motor can draw the power 4 times as much as a conventional motor.

3. Market
Total market size of motors has been very huge. On annual bases it is estimated 10 billion dollar market for small motors and 30 billion dollar market for large motors. The market is still growing. Technology of Genesis's Super Motor is expected to revolutionize market. And even has potential to change energy generation system.