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Next Generation Type SR Motor using Hybrid Reluctance Magnet
Technology of "HBSR"
In the motor market, the motors are almost the types which are useing the force of attraction and repulsion. Although the conventional DC motors are high speed and efficiently, but they are never powerful. Similarly, AC motors are not efficiently however they are powerful. As opposed to these, SR motors which drive by attractive force are shown high power, high speed and efficient, but structure has been complicated and manufacturing costs are expensive.
"HBSR" drives in the same way as SR motors by attractive force only. We can tell you that it's a next generation type SR motor which has high performance and simple structure by using Hybrid Reluctance Magnet (PAT.) . It has quite new concept system. We have almost done about its basic development and verification. Powerful and speedy, we will step up Joint development programs for each applications.

[Prototypes of Super Motor]
Prototype 1 * (Outer rotor/2000) ; diameter: 250mm / depth: 300mm
Ptototype 2 (Outer rotor/2001) ; diameter: 100mm / depth: 100mm@ Video clip
Ptototype 3 (iuter rotor/2002) ; diameter: 100mm / depth: 100mm@ Inquiry
*static torque measurement type

[Technology of HBSR]
Fig.1 shows the performance of HBSR compared to a conventional DC motor. Fig.2 shows the performance compared to a conventional SR motor. The range of output is made very large by Hybrid reluctance magnet.

Extending the range of efficiency means high potential to save energy (Fig.3). And high torque at low speed means that it can change the structure to a direct driving (Fig.4).

1. Revolutionary high power / effective method of saving energy
Fig.5 shows the change in flux density against coil current. Type "a" is using Hybrid reluctance magnet. Type "b" is using electromagnet. And type "c" is removing the permanent magnet from type "a". Every type had experimented by drawing mobile material. We can see that Hybrid reluctance magnet shows very high magnetomotive force. Because the force of a permanent magnet is added on the electromagnet efficiently, and it makes new very powerful electromagnet (Fig.6).
If this attractive system are applied on some products, they can get revolutionary high power at same electric input, and they are very effective to save energy.

2. High speed
Fig.7 shows the time that flux density reaches to a peak using Hybrid reluctance magnet. By the effect of a permanent magnet, it can get faster than using electromagnet only.
Therefore, it will show the new products which have high speed more than conventional one.

3. Next generation type SR motor which has wide range of output and has simple structure
Fig.8 shows the change in the static torque of HBSR Prototype 1 (static torque measurement type) against the angle between a rotor and a stator. As an attractive performance of HBSR, it's keeping high torque for driving at the wide range of the angle than any other motors. This system can solve the torque ripple which causes oscillation and noise. Moreover it gets more simply without complicated structure like the conventional SR motors.
As the next generation type SR motor, HBSR solves many problems; power, efficiency, energy saving, downsizing, noise and cost.